Working from home can save you thousands of dollars every year

By giving people options, you allow them to keep working, and that saves money.

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Once you're set on immediate savings, you should take the money you're pocketing and use it to pay off any credit card debt you might be carrying. In fact, a majority of professionals say they would be more loyal to their employers if they had flexible work options.

Some businesses may struggle share trading software buy sell signals boost their employee numbers fast enough to keep up with rapid growth. By offering your employees the flexibility of working work from home save money, you can easily beat the competition by having professional price action trading strategies better, more motivated staff and saving a small fortune work from home save money overhead.

After all, the entire purpose of slogging to and from the office is to do your job.

How much do you stand to save?

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However, a remote worker could get away with buying much less expensive day passes or individual fare passes as needed for personal trips. Flexibility can lead to fewer work interruptions and less absenteeism. And if they do hire quickly, the corresponding jump in payroll may be hard to swallow.

How does that translate when it comes to your salary? I also save on lunch.

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Flexibility allows companies to match payrolls to seasonal shifts in employment. What others are saying: And let's not forget the cost of purchasing and maintaining a business wardrobe.

Commute time can also be seen as much as a financial consideration as a personal one. On top of work from home save money, allowing your employees to work from home can reduce absenteeism, tardiness and their associated costs. Get a weekly digest of personality finance: Simple as that.

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She writes about how to upgrade your life, and helps readers find great deals on products and services. Photo Credit: More than four in 10 workers say they worked remotely at least some of the time in -- up four percentage points from -- according to Gallup data released last year.

  • Consequently, he or she actually spend 45 hours each week on work.
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Here are four ways that working from home can save you thousands of dollars each year. Several recent studies show that offering workers flex options can boost productivity.

How Much Money Can You Save Working from Home?

Work from home save money per year Regardless of which city you live in and the length of your commute, there is money to be saved by working from home. The benefits of working from home have been explored in detail -- from lower commute times to higher productivity.

My husband and I are able to juggle life as a one-car family because I work from home, and we save a fortune in car payments, gas, maintenance and insurance. There are certainly more reasons to work from home than just saving money, section 83 b election for stock options the savings could be huge.

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Consequently, he or she actually spend 45 hours each week on work. I've been looking for a comprehensive guide to all-things-money and this has been so informative. Recent studies show that work-from-home individuals could be more productive, up to 13 percent more productive.

And if they do hire quickly, the corresponding jump in payroll may be hard to swallow.

We Want to Hear from You Join the conversation. Using this free time wisely could make you happier, and it could also save you money.

How Working from Home Saves Your Company Money

Or maybe you buy only the latest brand names and spend a fortune on every item in your closet. Estimated savings: A business that hires excellent part-time workers can grow without paying the costs of full-time employees.

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Please share your share trading software buy sell signals and experiences in the comments section. A CNN Money article about telecommuters offers two perspectives.

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Where do the savings happen? By offering flexibility, like telecommuting, businesses can avoid some of that expense. Workday interruptions to care for family can lead to similar large costs for companies.

At that job, I would usually grab a coffee once or twice each day, always bought my lunch, and drove to work, as nearly everyone does in the City of Angels.

So if you want to make the business case for flexibility to your boss, consider sharing some of these examples. A couple of years have passed since we last explored in detail how not working in an office environment can amount to real savings.

That can yield major savings:

Coffee and lunch. When income is reduced so, too, are expenses. Though, of course, you can often deduct these on your taxes too.

  1. This is a discretionary cost that can amount to hundreds of dollars over the course of a year.
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  3. When workers are more productive, the company saves money.
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Starting a side business to bring in extra cash.

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