stability in binary opinion diffusion

Structural Evaluation of Agent Organizations. Slavkovik, G. Initially each person is randomly assigned an opinion.

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Norms in Game Theory. Institutional Facts.

Multi-Issue Opinion Diffusion under Constraints

Dagstuhl Seminar Report Designing Norm Enforcement in Electronic Institutions. The Modal Logic of Ascription. Agreement Technology Handbook, Springer,p. McBurney, I. The model assumes that there is perfect competition; however, this is not always true, for example, a user could use both Firefox and Google Chrome as browsers.

Goldberg eds.

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Parsons eds. Instantial neighbourhood logic. To study competing opinion diffusion on networks, we make four extensions to the original voter model. Broersen eds. Salah, F.

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Grossi, A. Dietrich, U.

Stability in Binary Opinion Diffusion

Royakkers, D. Propositional opinion diffusion. Network Analysis of Parliamentary Debates: LNCSp. Oscillations, logic, and dynamical systems. Structural Aspects of Agent Organizations. Dokow, E.

Stability of Opinions

The Game of Dependence. Introduction In real life, we usually have specific viewpoints on certain topics, such as consumer products, life styles, celebrities, etc. Herzig, E. The code supporting the paper is available at the Dryad Digital Repository http: Sierra and C.

In linear threshold and independent cascade models, all people in an active state will stay unchanged, but in our model except committed people, the states of all others will be affected by their neighbours.

Baltag and S. We assume that the graph is simple, i.

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Ossowski, J. In recent years, opinion diffusion on networks has been intensely investigated from many different perspectives using the approaches of network science and statistical physics.

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Based on classical compartmental models, Ribeiro and Faloutsos also proposed a competitive model which mimics website popularity competition and explains the rise of Facebook and the decline of Myspace [ 27 ]. This study provides insight into the collective influence of individual attributes, local social networks and global media on opinion diffusion, and contributes to a comprehensive understanding of competing diffusion behaviours in the real world.

In Serafini, Stability in binary opinion diffusion. Competitive diffusion processes not only occur on a single network, but also operate on multilayer networks [ 3132 ], for example simultaneously on Twitter, Facebook and offline social networks for which each network constitutes a network layer. The Facts Matter. Hinchey et al. Dignum, M.

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In these models, people are influenced by their neighbours and update their opinions, often according to some version of a majority rule or imitation. Grossi and Wiebe van der Hoek: Grandi, U. Boissier, J. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. For example, the model proposed by Jalili introduces leaders whose opinions are kept unchanged and centrality-based social power which are also included in our model [ 56 ].

Essays in honor of Cristiano Castelfranchi.

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Model The previous research on the voter model usually focuses on binary opinions, supposes that each person has the same persuasiveness, and studies the endogenous influence of social networks on opinion evolution [ 644 ]. Meyer work from home nursing jobs in houston tx J. Judgment aggregation: Invited expert at Odyssey Hackathon April Dastani, K.

Grossi and Gabriella Pigozzi. Doing Argumentation Theory in Modal Logic. Dignum, J-J. Norms as Ascriptions of Violations: Modal Logic of Equivalence up to a Signature. Roy stability in binary opinion diffusion H. White Manipulation in Judgment Aggregation. Research on competing opinion diffusion by theoretical models is also largely missing. A Formal Analysis of Constitutive Rules. kalpoint

Leite, P. Trends in Logic: Aucher, D. Bologna, June, Besides modelling opinion evolution, the voter model is also valuable as a general framework for research on diffusion of products, innovations or consumption decisions, and despite its simplicity, its ability to model and predict real opinion diffusion and product adoption on both the individual and group levels has been validated by empirical data [ 41 — 43 ].

Dependence in Games and Dependence Games.

Dependence Theory via Game Theory. College Publications,p.

Weng et stability in binary opinion diffusion. Responsibilities in Organizations. Sandip eds. Botan, S.: However, there are no thresholds in our model.

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To fill this gap, in this paper, we will use an agent-based model derived from the voter work from home nursing jobs in houston tx, a well-known anz share trading account login dynamics model, to investigate competing diffusion in social networks. Twelve Angry Men: Influence-based opinion diffusion extended abstract. Tummolini, P. By contrast, our model has no restrictions on the number of activations.

Nute Eds. Cambridge University Press Google Scholar Priority Structures in Deontic Logic. Broersen, J.

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Jackson, M. Granovetter, M.: Normative Multi-agent Programs and Their Logics.

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